Our Expert Team


Dipl. Ind. Des. (FH) Lutz Scheffer


Based in Garmisch, Lutz has over 30 Years Experience of Industrial Design and Engineering within the Bicycle Industry. He is a eMTB Pioneer, avid Trailbiker and Climber as well as a Ski Hiker. Lutz rides about 250.000 Vertical Meters per Season. With Electric Mountain Lutz works on all kinds of the next generation eMTB related accessories and concepts regarding the sustainable impact and the future of eMTBs in todays MTB world.


Christoph Malin


Based in Absam by Innsbruck, Christoph has 35 Years Bicycle Industry experience from all angles, be it consulting, testing, producing, journalism. He founded Vertriders, Innsbruck Nordkette Singletrail, and is a (founding)  member of the Austrian Alpine Club Mountainbike Educational Team. An avid Trailbiker and eMTB Pioneer, Hiker and Skihiker, Christoph rides about 250.000 Vertical Meters per Bike Season.



Mag. Christian Piccolruaz

Testing / Consulting / Content

Based in Innsbruck, Christian is a Geologist, UIAGM Mountain Guide, Consultant, Trailbuilder, Vertrider and extremely experienced technical (Ice) Climber and Rider. 35 Years of combined Bike Experience. Being a expert Enduro Rider and eMTB Pioneer, Christian rides about 250.000 Vertical Meters per Bike Season.



Mag. Markus Emprechtinger

Testing / Content

Based in Innsbruck, Markus is a UIAGM Mountain Guide, versatile Enduro Biker, excellent Climber and runs his own Alpine Travel Programs. Markus is as well a member of the Austrian Alpine Club Mountainbike Educational Team. An expert Enduro Rider, Markus rides about 250.000 to 300.000 Vertical Meters per Bike Season on either his analog or eMTB.



Mag. Alexander Sonderegger

Mag. FH Alexander Sonderegger MBA

Testing / Consulting / Content

From Göfis in Vorarlberg, Alexander is CEO of kombinat.at, an innovative Design Agency with international Customers, as well as Mastermind of xitrail.com, Vorarlbergs longest lasting and rapidly growing (E)MTB Community. An Author of fine E-MTB Guiding Books too, Alex is in his freetime rarely seen off the Bike. Furthermore he is a Pioneer of Alpine Biking and an experienced Trailrider with over 200.000 Vertical Meters of Riding per Saison.



Martin Heck

Content / DP

Martin of Timestorm Films is an excellent Outdoor Cinematographer and Timelapse Filmmaker based in Garmisch. He is internationally well known for his excellent Premium 8K content, and worldwide content productions . Martin does regular 8K custom content work for Big Brands and happily counts a RED Helium to his wide range of Filmtools which include Drones, 8K VR/Hyperlapse Buggies, 8K VR Rigs and so on. He loves to use his eEnduro to reach many film locations in the Alps that are otherwise closed to access by jeep. Martin has contributed to our Simplon Factory Team Videos in the past. Just one of the many synergies we achieve by using emobility.